future of text

Future Text Institute


(We are in pre-launch at the moment and working on getting all the right pieces together)


The Institute endeavours to investigate, develop and promote the potential of interactive text to augment our ability to learn, think and to and communicate.


Our strategy to achieve this is by fostering dialogue and by implementing experimental software Projects.



We believe that in order to make real progress we need to address what Doug Engelbart called the 'C Level†’ activity, not just the work itself or improving the work, but also looking at how we can improve the improvement process. To get to a point where we can address this depth is the medium term goal for the institute. First we need to demonstrate how useful the research can be and that we can implement and build, hence the initial jrnl project.




Deep Literacy


The result we are aiming for will be a deeper literacy where authors and readers are better equipped to deal with text in large volumes and textual dialogue at high speed, to better verify the veracity of claims & citations, and to better view & interact with text to develop wider perspectives and deeper insights–to see and generate useful connections–in ways which can be shared optimised for further reading and interaction. In other words getting a better handle on our text.




People & Organization


The Future Text Institute will be formed as a non-profit organization, most likely in the US. Aspects of formations are currently under advisement. We are a bunch of passionate People who hope that you will maybe join us in some capacity.




Success Criteria


Our Deliverables include recorded dialogue and code, aimed at fulfilling our goal of enabling deeper literacy. Success will be measured in terms of advances and collaborations with wider organizations for further implementation and development. The FTI aims to be an inspiration as well as a leader in interactive text research, not isolated and inwards facing: The more our insights, techniques and inventions are ‘stolen’ the more successful we will count ourselves as being.